Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!
Let's 'BLING IN' The New Year
We are offering 20% off of all of our jewelry, now thru Sunday, January 10th, 2010.
Sale includes all jewelry - This includes rings, necklaces, earrings, pins and watches!

See you soon!
-Julie & Marybeth


1 Funky Woman said...

Ok, these necklaces are to die for. How do I get the keep calm or paris one?


Shopgirl said...

Hi Megan - 1 Funky Woman (love that by the way!!) We can ship you the necklace!! Give us a call at (360)629-7333 and we can arrange to have it sent to you!! :) -Marybeth

Crystal Elegance said...

Great collection of jewelry and I guess I missed this Discounted offer

Shopgirl said...

Thanks for the kind commment Crystal Elegance! We will continue the jewelry discount thru January 2010! -Marybeth, Poppyseeds

1 Funky Woman said...

I know I asked before but how much are your necklaces? My sister spent a month in Paris and she wold love your Paris necklace.
My email is

Thanks, Megan