Sunday, June 13, 2010

New at Poppyseeds...
Our friend Cheri of Trumpeter Antiques built this beautiful arbor trellis for us at Poppyseeds. Cheri and Patty installed it yesterday. They worked so hard, digging in the dirt/clay and mixing and pouring their own concrete. (this picture shows extra lumber underneath to keep it level until cement set)
It was a busy weekend with new additions including a wardrobe change!
New lighting....
Cheri and Patty brought lots of great new pieces... (bench & pepsi box SOLD)

.... including this darling telephone table with hot pink seat! (sold)

... this darling cherry red step stool just $20. (SOLD)

... and this farm table...

don't you just love the scalloped edge on this blue bench?!!!

This is the finished trellis. We are going to paint it white this week.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! See you soon.
-Julie & Marybeth

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Ormolulu said...

Isn't Cheri an amazingly talented person?! Her custom, stained-glass pieces and original art are beautiful too. Your shop just keeps getting better and better!