Friday, May 29, 2009

Table for Four Please!
This adorable round antique table just arrived at Poppyseeds. It has been painted cottage white and is very shabby! We have paired it with four very shabby solid wood chairs, two red, and two blue. Chairs sold separately.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phase ... Fantastic!!
Today Debi Ward Kennedy came to restyle another room at Poppyseeds. Furniture, decor and lighting has been perfectly paired together for French European Themed Decor. Check out this beautiful Beveled Mirror Antique English Vanity!
Elegantly displayed creams and blacks.
The Jacobean sideboard is a fun place to display a few handbags. In the back ground is a foot board for an antique bed. Displaying it on top of the sideboard really allows you to see the beautiful detail!

The copper, wine cases and bottles have now been displayed on the
Duncan Phyfe serving table!

We are so excited for you to see all of the changes taking place around Poppyseeds! Come in today to check it all out.
It is now possible for YOU to have these amazing transformations in YOUR home! Debi Ward Kennedy is offering Seasonal Decorating. You must check out her latest Retreat blog posting!
-Julie & Marybeth

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Redesign = Results

For several months we have had a beautiful french provincial style oval table and four chairs. This set was painted white and distressed in all the right places. The seats we recovered in a fun turquoise beachy fabric. When the table first arrived we displayed it in Poppyseeds entry room, covering it with jewelry as see here......
Then we moved it to the back room and paired it with a shabby old wood trunk covering it with purses, books, plates, lighting and a wreath. Can you find the little beauty here???.... Maybe not.

When Debi Ward Kennedy came to our retail design rescue, She pulled that table out - paired it with on other complimenting color - RED - And displayed it with out drowning it with other products. Once the table was displayed by the bright window - without everything overpowering it, the table sold the next day! And we had to start a waiting list because more than one person wanted it!

Customers can see our products now. You are able to visualize our furniture and accessories in YOUR home. It also helps us direct people to the right space now based on their wants and needs.

Come in today and check it all out! Hope to see you soon. -Julie & Marybeth

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It was a Beautiful Day!

We had a great time in the sun today for the second Swap Meet of the season. Many people have requested more so we are planning for next month, again on the third Saturday of the month - June 20th! So mark your calendars and really you don't want to miss out!

I had wanted to share a couple of pictures from the last makeover at Poppyseeds. Phase 3 - the Beach Cottage Room. As you know Debi Ward Kennedy, Retail Designer has been assisting us. On Thursday afternoon for just about four hours she redesigned this room for us. Here are couple of pictures.

We really like how the ol' Hot Point Automatic oven is now under the old cupboards. It is really gives us a nice place for displaying things and makes it seem more like a real old cottage kitchen!

The colors are so bright and fun, and with a day like today it really makes us ready for the beach! Come in today and check out our 'Beach Cottage' Room at Poppyseeds!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Swap Meet in the Sun!!
It is going to be a perfect day for outdoor shopping tomorrow (hint, hint!). Come out tomorrow for our second Swap Meet of the season, 10am - 5pm at Poppyseeds. You also have to check out phase 3 of Poppyseeds redesign. We are so excited about all of the changes you will have to come and check it out for yourself. I will post pictures later today. If you cannot wait...check out
Debi Ward Kennedy's Blog for some very fun before and after pictures!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Phase Two - Poppyseeds Style!!

Last week the outside of Poppyseeds was dramatically restyled by Debi Ward Kennedy. One of the most noticeable changes is the signage. Deb has redone all of Poppyseeds signs. The task of repainting the chimney seemed impossible. We so very much needed Deb's expertise - she is a Retail Designer and is amazingly talented. Check out her blog post here to see and read the details of her design!

Instead of the spools being spread out - She grouped them together, coordinated the colors with our logo and even 'turned' some into Poppies! Here is a Picture of Debi creating a poppy!

She carried the poppies into all of our signage! We love how they turned out!

She painted the doors the same colors as the spools and poppies on the logo to tie it all together!

We cannot wait to see phase three!!

Come in and check it all out!

-Julie & Marybeth

Monday, May 4, 2009

Move that Bus!!
We felt like we needed a huge crowd (and Ty Pennington would have been nice!) cheering this weekend at Poppyseeds on Saturday night after the front room had an entire MAKEOVER from The Debi Ward Kennedy . It has been a super exciting weekend for us. Here is the story, as many of you know Debi Ward Kennedy has a room at Poppyseeds that she fills with all of her creations. If you have ever been in her space at Poppyseeds or Faded Elegance you know what I mean - They are incredible. So, on Thursday we met with her. Deb is a retail designer, speaker, writer and we are so grateful to call her our Friend! She is offering her services to us in making over everything at Poppyseeds. Her artistic abilities are beyond anything I can tell you. You really have to see for yourself. Her blog is an amazing resource so check it out.

On Saturday she literally moved every piece of furniture and fixture in our front room. Here is the BEFORE picture:

And here are a couple of AFTER shots!
Can you believe the difference?! The large Antique hutch was moved to the corner. The glass jewelry case was moved over by the windows and is now filled with all of the jewelry. And the bed and sideboard have been replaced with an elegant 1930's Duncan Phyfe table and chair set painted and totally glamed out with black faux fur seats! Just by moving the larger pieces and coordinating colors and arranging the lighting - It gives this room a complete makeover and we could not be happier.
Deb is assisting us in recreating Poppyseeeds brand image by redesigning our entire store. You will have to stay tuned as the next transformation is outside. Here is a little clue! Out with the OLD - We cannot wait for the NEW!!

(Poppyseeds chimney is now a blank canvas!! )

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exciting things are happening at Poppyseeds!
We will be posting pictures soon. Poppyseeds is undergoing some very positive and exciting changes.
We cannot wait to show you what's been going on. Stay tuned.
In the meantime mark your calendars for a
Swap Meet/Flea Market
Saturday May 16th, 10am - 5pm at Poppyseeds
Interested in becoming a vendor? Contact (360)629-SEED