Monday, May 11, 2009

Phase Two - Poppyseeds Style!!

Last week the outside of Poppyseeds was dramatically restyled by Debi Ward Kennedy. One of the most noticeable changes is the signage. Deb has redone all of Poppyseeds signs. The task of repainting the chimney seemed impossible. We so very much needed Deb's expertise - she is a Retail Designer and is amazingly talented. Check out her blog post here to see and read the details of her design!

Instead of the spools being spread out - She grouped them together, coordinated the colors with our logo and even 'turned' some into Poppies! Here is a Picture of Debi creating a poppy!

She carried the poppies into all of our signage! We love how they turned out!

She painted the doors the same colors as the spools and poppies on the logo to tie it all together!

We cannot wait to see phase three!!

Come in and check it all out!

-Julie & Marybeth


Deb said...

LOL...well, I may not look good in these photos, but at least my work speaks for itself!!! This is SUCH fun, girls - I love working with you!

HiHo said...

...isn't it a great feeling to work hard with inspiring people????I'm sure you now have ten more projects listed for the seasons ahead. Nothing better than knowing you can do it! The inside, outside and the blog all look great! Make money!!!! Heidi

Linda said...

Very Creative and I like how it all coordinates with each other and your blog.
Good job to Deb!!

Anonymous said...

your store is so cute- I love all the new stuff! i was just in last weekend and will be sure to be back soon to see all the new changes. it's definitely stanwood's best kept secret.

Anonymous said...

Your store is so cutting edge that I think another local shop owner has started to copy some of your ideas...

glassidentities said...

Drove by the other day and it looks so Great! Love finding the blog and how it all ties together.. can't wait to get in and check everything out :)