Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Redesign = Results

For several months we have had a beautiful french provincial style oval table and four chairs. This set was painted white and distressed in all the right places. The seats we recovered in a fun turquoise beachy fabric. When the table first arrived we displayed it in Poppyseeds entry room, covering it with jewelry as see here......
Then we moved it to the back room and paired it with a shabby old wood trunk covering it with purses, books, plates, lighting and a wreath. Can you find the little beauty here???.... Maybe not.

When Debi Ward Kennedy came to our retail design rescue, She pulled that table out - paired it with on other complimenting color - RED - And displayed it with out drowning it with other products. Once the table was displayed by the bright window - without everything overpowering it, the table sold the next day! And we had to start a waiting list because more than one person wanted it!

Customers can see our products now. You are able to visualize our furniture and accessories in YOUR home. It also helps us direct people to the right space now based on their wants and needs.

Come in today and check it all out! Hope to see you soon. -Julie & Marybeth


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Marybeth, this has been such a fun project to work on... I just love results like this! (And I am thrilled that the young couple ended up with the dining set they loved!!!)

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

You are so lucky to have Debi's help...she is fantastic. Your shop looks wonderful.