Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet our Landlord Myron - aka Mayor of Sidley Lake

We would like you to introduce you to our landlord Myron. Yesterday we were lucky to receive a tug boat tow rope from his collection. Myron thinks this would be a perfect gift for someones sweetheart on Valentines Day. We think this 60' rope would make a nice swagged fence or beach decor (not sure if it is appropriate for Valentines Day however.......)

You can expect to see more of Myron's treasures showing up throughout the year. There is rumor of a darling red pump organ and a vintage soda fountain... Stay tuned!!

-Marybeth & Julie


Come Junk With Us said...

How fun! Oh the things you could do with that rope!
So is Myron single? I got some single friends lookin for a nice guy that would think tug boat rope was an appropriate Valentines Day gift. ;-)

Shopgirl said...

Our most recent Post about our Landlord Myron has created quite the buzz on the world wide web... There has been blogging, emailing, commenting and even twittering... I am sorry to disappoint ladies but Myron is a married man.