Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Someone's Trash is Someone's Treasure.....
Here is a look at the barn where our treasure was waiting to be torn down.... Yeah.. This old barn is coming down next week. Over the weekend we went on a rescue mission!!

This is what we found! It is a booth from ol' Clide's Tavern in Stanwood's West Side. The building was torn down in the 60's and is now the location of Stanwood's' Bank of America. My Father-in-Law salvaged this booth.

This is the booth before we cleaned it up!!

It was covered in dust, and dirt from the past 50 years!

And here it is now!! It is such a fun piece to use for display at the shop! It has a light and a bell!
It is being rewired this week.

We brought in this old door and added magnetic, chalk board panels for a fun addition!

We hope you enjoyed the tour!

Stop in and check it all out.
See you soon!!
-Marybeth & Julie


Ali said...

That is so neat what you found in the old barn! I wonder how many people had a beer sitting at that old booth! Great Find!

1 Funky Woman said...

AHHH, love the chandelier window! I think I need to take a trip so I can shop at your store. Love everything!